Take on the role of the local hedge witch. Cure ailments, make dubious love potions and even hex your enemy. The choice is yours!

With your trusted familiar and the nifty cottage your mentor left you, you'll have to deal with a runaway prince, a lovestruck dryad and even confront the bothersome changeling that won't leave you alone. It's up to you whether or not you'll help them.

Currently available: Chapter One


In order from top to bottom:

  1. Myrdril (female)
  2. Myrdril (male)
  3. Prince Barlow
  4. Vale
  5. Peony

Character Descriptions:

  • Myrdril - gender selectable (your enemy/possible RO): Myrdril is the other hedge witch in the forest. Arrogant and rude, Myrdril sees themselves as the far superior hedge witch and will stop at nothing to discredit your skills. There are rumours that Myrdril is a changeling, swapped at birth with a fae child.
  • Prince Barlow - he/him (the runaway Unseelie Prince/your customer): Prince Barlow is a runaway Unseelie Prince. Meant to take reign of the Unseelie Court, Prince Barlow left it all to pursue a relationship with a mortal named Vale. Some may call it romantic, but most consider Prince Barlow to be too weak to rule over the wicked Unseelie.
  • Vale - he/him (the mortal companion/your customer): Vale is a mortal man who found himself wandering through the forest. Discovering the fae, Vale soon become besotted with Prince Barlow and decided to remain behind, forgetting all about the mortal world.
  • Peony - she/her (the lovesick dryad/your customer): Peony is a dryad with a penchant for bawdy love stories and soul mates. Peony can be fickle and believes that you can woo anyone with the right spell. Currently, Peony is obsessed with a kelpie.
  • Arstus/Adtril - gender selectable (your mentor and guardian): Your mentor took you in as a baby, after finding you at the doorstep of their cottage. Your mentor has taught you everything about magic and has since passed the cottage over to you, leaving you in charge while they go off travelling.
  • Your cat - he/him, name selectable (a wicked king turned into a cat/your familiar):  Your cat is a familiar that was gifted to you by your mentor. You soon discovered that your cat is really a wicked king who was cursed and subsequently turned into a cat. Snarky and rude, your cat has no qualms in insulting you or your customers.


Background image (game page):

In game images made using Canva.

Character art made using ArtBreeder.

Development log


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I can't wait to play more! I love interactive fiction stories, especially ones where romance isn't necessary!


Thank you so much! πŸ’– I'm grateful for your support 😊

there is only one RO?

Yes, only one. This was never meant to be a detailed or long game - it was just to help with my coding πŸ˜…

I love the game so far!! But i did have a problem at the start 

When we get to choose our name, i couldn't input one (maybe it's because I'm from mobile?) 

Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for playing! It is an issue on mobile, you'll need to hit the enter key after inputting a name and it should take you to the next part of the game 😊

try putting a dot after your name then press enter, that worked for me (also on mobile)

This game is really fun so far! I'm excited to follow it through it's development. 
A few things I noticed: after picking Myrdril's pronouns they weren't always correct, I only noticed one spot with the wrong one but there was also a spot where it was grammatically wrong like she instead of her. I also noticed what I think is supposed to be Myrdril's name show up spelt wrong something like $yrdile, I don't remember exactly where they were but if you need to know I can happily retrace my choices to find them
best of luck! I'll be patiently waiting for the next update :]

Thank you so much for playing and I'm really glad you enjoyed it 😊 The game started off as a way to start learning how to code using Twine, so I wasn't the best at coding when I first published the game πŸ˜…

The game isn't too long, so I'm sure i can find where the errors were. Thank you spotting them! Hopefully, when I'm done writing the next chapter of my main game, I can come back to finishing chapter 3 😊

Aaaah I love this I love this I love this!!! Reminds me of one of my character. I love taking on the role of a witch, with mentors and fae, but still not being evil ^^ Just thriving to help people. The tycoon thingy/hint is also very fun in here :D The thing of earning gold and all. The cat is rude LOL but I didn't expect anything else. Hey, maybe he'll warm up to me xD 
I just love the text, the vibe, the gentle witch vibe, the MC's past.... The little shop and everything :D I love all of it. I made a save and will definitely try to come back as soon as Chapter 3 is out ^^ 

Only one thing I want to make sure; 
So a changeling is a Fae swapped with a human child, but your enemy was a HUMAN swapped with a Fae, right? 

Your comment made my day πŸ’–πŸŒΌπŸ˜Š Thank you so much for playing and I'm so glad you enjoyed the game. I love the fae but wanted something lighthearted and not so serious when it comes to dealing with all the magic and curses πŸ˜…

Yes, changeling are fae swapped with humans but Mydril is in the fact human who was swapped with a fae. They use glamour to pretend to be fae because who would trust a human hedge witch in a forest full of fae and well, because Mydril is vain πŸ˜…

I'm hoping to finish Chapter 3 once I'm finished the chapter I'm on for my main project so hopefully I can get it out soon.

No worries, I know comments like that can make my day so I'm glad to do it for someone else, and I didn't do it for just being friendly, I genuinely mean it :) 
Bwahaha, that makes sense actually, I didn't even realise he used (or she, depending on the gender the player picks!) glamour ^^ 

I really like the lighthearted stuff ^^ I chose herbal and glamour, but I decided to keep the curses at bay haha! It still went up a little, but I don't focus on it :) 

I'll try to really remember to come back ^^ ^^ This was awesome :D 

I love it so far, can't wait to read more !!


Thank you πŸ€—  hopefully I can get back to finishing off chapter 3 soon.

(1 edit) (+1)

This is a very cozy lil game, the art breeders for the characters are very attractive and the Mydril romance route has me intrigued. I hope for more updates and do take breaks when needed! ^^

Thank you so much! I'm really glad that you enjoyed the game 😊 Thank you for playing 🌻


Looking forward to the next chapter! I really like the setting of the story so far. 

Thank you so much! I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it 😊 

I hope the next chapter comes out soon! This seems like it could be a really fun game! Also, I love the art. 
Question: i know you're not done with it yet but would you mind telling me which characters we ( as the players) can be romanced?. You dont have to respond to this if you dont wanna.

Thanks for playing and I'm glad that you enjoyed it 😊 At the moment, I've only planned for Myrdril as a romance option for the player. The reason being is that this game won't be long as it's more of a practice for me to get used to coding in Twine.

You will learn more about Myrdril in the next chapter (you can find a short description in the game page currently of Myrdril). You will officially meet Myrdril in chapter three, who will be gender selectable.

Deleted 106 days ago

Hi there, thanks for playing! When I coded the names, I was still pretty new to Twine but I've added in an option for custom names that will be out with the next update :)

Deleted 106 days ago